La Pomme de Portland
La Pomme de Portland
La Pomme de Portland
La Pomme de Portland

La Pomme de Portland

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La Pomme de Portland is a gentle reminder to gather your loved ones, share food and stories, and rediscover the art of connecting with one another around the kitchen table.

Food brings us together—family, friends, strangers—to share our stories. We draw comfort from one another, from knowing that we all face variations of the same successes and challenges, from knowing that we’re not alone in our messy yet beautiful lives. There's a rhythm to these seasons we live and eat. There's comfort in knowing what's next. Strawberries or butternut squash. Independence or parenthood.

The stories and recipes in La Pomme de Portland are from the season of Carrie Minns’ life when she sent her youngest off to kindergarten, ushered her eldest out of the nest, and lost her mom to ALS. The details of her stories may be different from yours, but the sentiment is the same—love, loss, regret, celebration


Paperback: 228 pages
Dimensions: 8”W x 11”L x 0.75”D
Total weight: 2.02 lbs
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-7320836-0-8
Publisher: Fern & Flora, Co., April 6, 2018
Written and photographed by Carrie Minns
Printed in USA on Mohawk Fine Paper

One dollar from every book sold is donated to the ALS Association