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La Pomme de Portland

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La Pomme de Portland

Part memoir/part cookbook, La Pomme de Portland is a gentle reminder to gather your loved ones, share food and stories, and rediscover the art of connecting with one another around the kitchen table.

Kind Words

Your book is truly a work of art. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. Portland, OR

You not only write from the heart but you are funny and thoughtful as well - a rare combination. Atlanta, GA

A delightful, endearing book. So heartfelt and tender yet profoundly meaningful. Portland, OR

Made your Kale Kielbasa and Potato Soup...sooo delicious. My mom made your Ginger Cookies and brought them with her when she visited this week. Also, amazing! Minneapolis, MN

Reading your book is like getting wrapped up in a big hug. Portland, OR

I love to get a cup of tea, curl up and read your stories. They take me to my happy place. Seattle, WA

I love your cookbook on so many levels. The book is beautiful, the recipes will get me back into the kitchen, but, most of all, I love the stories. A real treasure! Portland, OR


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